Opening on April 17.

Are the dolls clean?

 We thoroughly deep clean each doll with antibacterial soap and hot water, both inside and out, before and after every rental. We follow a thorough cleaning protocol including the use of gloves, medical forceps and sponges.

After the deep cleaning, the doll is thoroughly dried both inside and out, with a special emphasis on absorbing all moisture. We never rent a doll unless it is thoroughly clean and dry and we only rent dolls once per day. 

How to order?

Mention the details of the order in your message, the desired date, time and place. The operator will contact you for clarification. After confirmation you'll get the final invoice containing all required information and payment details. We work with 100% prepayment. A deposit of 200 euros is included to the bill, which is returned after checking the house and equipment.

After the time runs out, the courier checks the equipment and if everything is fine, your bail will be returned.

In which case the bail can be kept?

In case the doll or the equipment is broken.

Where can I order?

You can order them into any place you want. It can be a parking lot in the city, a parking lot on the highway or a courtyard.

Within 100 km from the city delivery is free of charge.

In the case of Kuopio, delivery is free of charge: Kuopio, Siilinjärvi, Nilsiä, Pielävesi, Maaninka, Varpasjärvi, Lapinlahti, Iisalmi.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. You can bring a girlfriend or a boyfriend if you like.

Is everything sterile?

All equipment  is thoroughly washed and disinfected after each customer, the bed linen and the doll's clothes are changed.

At what age is it allowed?

Rent is possible only from the age of 18.

What are the operating rules of doll?

The doll is made of elastic medical silicone. To maintain integrity, we ask you to avoid using handjewelry, any colored liquids, toilet water and any pressure towards doll and it's joints. It doesn't sink in the water, but it's not allowed to use it in the shower. The metal skeleton can support the weight up to 150 kg.

VR helmet is that hard?

Any user can handle VR, it's really no harder than managing a smartphone. The rules of treatment are as simple as possible: do not throw helmets against the walls or do not put it into the bath, and everything will be fine :)

Will there be other dolls?

Yes. A few more interesting "workers" will join us soon.

Is it possible to order a delivery to your house?